At NM Family Services, we offer children and adolescents services to promote a speedy recovery, rehabilitation, and resiliency. A salient feature of our scientific programs in skill development in vital areas of daily life is socializing, development and daily living, awareness and management of frequent illness, and a host of relating issues.
We provide the services not only in the homes but also in schools and communities too. Our services are customized for children and young adults (9 years to 21 years) suffering from Serious Emotional/Neurobiological/Behavioral Disorder (SED). We also impart the services to individuals with chronic substance abuse; or Individuals with a co-occurring disorder (mental illness/substance abuse) or suffering from mental illness.

FOR THE ADULTS ( Age group 21 plus)

Our scheme for the adult segment has an objective to promoting recovery, rehabilitation and resiliency. Here we provide skill development in self-management of symptoms monitoring, illness management, recovery, resiliency skills, and relapse prevention skills.
 We also provide them with the knowledge of medication and potential side effect, motivational and skills development in taking medication as prescribed. Furthermore, we support them to maintain employment and to obtain stable housing.
Our services are available in home, office premise or the community. Individual adults with Severe Mental Illness; (SMI) or chronic substance abuse or Individuals with a co-occurring mental disorder can get our treatment.

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